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 Pastor's Corner

Greg Bell.jpg

Pastor J. Greg Bell

The Barn Church

11395 Central Pike

Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

      I would like to invite you to come and experience The Barn Church. Many churches today offer programs and ministries that share the love of Jesus with people. What makes The Barn Church special is the sweet time of worship we enjoy and the intimate fellowship with each other that I know will bless you too. The motto for our church is "Loving, Living, Teaching, and Ministering in the name of Jesus." This is more than a motto for me; it is a way of life.

      We have been focusing what it means to really be like Jesus. He has called each believer to be His disciple, but what does it look like to be a Christ Follower? How can we do what He did and make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Hopefully, you will find practical ways to apply what you learn to everyday experiences as we study God's Word.

      As we come to love and trust Jesus more every week, we will gain the encouragement and strength we need to do the ministry Jesus has called us to do. I am a firm believer that ministry to others grows out of our passion for Jesus. If we are not passionate in our love for Jesus, our desire to minister in His name suffers. But, if we are deeply in love with Jesus, we will be eager to express His love in all kinds of ways that changes the lives of others. 

      I believe we are about to see God opening doors and working through each of us in new ways every day.  I love the quote by a missionary named William Carey:

                               “Pray for great things, work for great things, and expect great things from God.”

      I hope you will come see us at The Barn Church real soon and unite your heart and life with ours as we seek to do God's will!

In Christ,

Pastor Greg

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