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      We really worship in a barn that is located on 8.5 acres of land. In the barn there is an area that has paneled walls and hardwood floors. It is complete with a fully equipped kitchen and a large bathroom. Two other finished and carpeted rooms allow for select meetings and functions. The sanctuary area provides plenty of room for everyone. Recently, three large pews were donated and we cut them in half to make six shorter pews. A seventh bench was given to us and it has a great history attached to it. It has served other churches in its' almost one-hundred year history. Other items donated to the church include a digital keyboard, a communion set, Bibles, wall pictures, and numerous reference books.

      The congregation has developed and adopted a constitution and by-laws to govern the church. These documents provide assurance against unwanted and unwarranted doctrinal and organizational changes to the church governance. We are officially organized pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a non-profit corporation dedicated to religious and charitable purposes.

      It is the desire of the congregation that we preserve and maintain traditional worship and music in the worship of the one true God. The government of this church is vested in its members, who exercise the right of control in all its affairs, subject, however to the laws of the State of Tennessee relating to churches.

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